Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Your Mission...

Your mission should you choose to accept it...
Join us for some fun in the sun during our Family Reunion!
Who: Anyone who is related to the Neville's or Turner's or wishes they were!
What: The greatest ever family reunion!
Where: McCall, Idaho Home to the Jason and Jennifer Porter Family
When: Wednesday evening, July 29th, 2009- Saturday Afternoon August 1st, 2009
Everyone is welcome to come sooner or stay later, but this is when the coordinated family
activities will take place.
Why: Becomes we want to, gosh darnit.

Websites to find more info and accommodations in McCall, Idaho:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Aunt Lezlie's Funeral

I was so glad that I got to go to Aunt Lezlie's funeral. I flew into Salt Lake and drove with Marianne (7 hours) to Reno. We spent the night with Aunt Beverly's sister Carol and were able to visit with a lot of relatives! We had such a good time, it was sad that it took another funeral to get together. I am hoping that this next summer's family reunion will be the first of many get together's that are not at funerals :). I was thinking that every three years might work. Anyway, below are some pictures I got of the different people who came.

Slade Porter (Jared and Vanessa's) and Mali Su Shillig (Jake and Caroline's)
Caroline and Mali Su Shillig

Mali Su and Uncle James

Beautiful Carley

Cute Slade

I don't remember their names, but I believe they are Aunt Lezlie's cousins on the Turner side. And of course that is Aunt Lark in the middle.
Mali Su was just so cute and everyone held her so much that she ended up in a lot of my pictures. Kurt Shillig is holding her. He flew in right before the funeral and flew out right afterward. We sure were sad we didn't get to chat much, and we didn't get to see his cute family, but glad he got to be there for some.

Joelle (15) and Carley (14) (Joelle is Jason and Jennifer Porter's daughter)

Christi (Neville) Nelson (Me!), and Marianne (Neville) Brady

From left to right starting in back: Westley (17), Jason, Jennifer, Joelle (15)
Front: Naomi (11?), Celestial (13), Jonny (9), and Doug (22)
Fun tidbit about Doug, he is engaged! Him and his fiancee Hillary will be married Octover 3, 2008. I wasn't able to get a picture of Christine (28) and her family, but she came for the funeral. Heidi (31) and Jenna (19) were the only two of Jason and Jennifer's that were missing. It was so fun to meet their beautiful family.

Carley played Hymns for us while we waited in Relief Society room before we were led into the Chapel for the funeral.

Laney Porter and Brett's darling wife Sarah.

From left to right: Bob Johns, Terry (Johns) Madsen, Chad, Lark, Clyde and James
Bob and Terry are Aunt Jane's children. (Aunt Jane is Granpa Neville's sister)

Lindsay, Uncle James and Jessie. Sunni, Lindsay and Jessie were on their way to Colorado and decided to take a detour just for the funeral. It was so fun to see them and get to hear two pieces of exciting news! Tyler is getting married! In about three weeks! And Chelsea and Chad are expecting their first baby very soon! I will try and get pictures of both of our newest family members soon.

Brett "fire player" Porter and his fire cracker wife, Sarah. Sarah was such a doll! I had fun talking with her while we were in line for lunch.

Lance, Dana, Chad, James and Lark
Uncle Jon and his wife Beverly wished they could have come. Jon was with Aunt Lezlie earlier that week and was with her when she passed away. We were sad we didn't get to see him, but glad he got to see her when she was still alive.
Jessie, Sunni, Chad and Lindsay

Christi, Margaret (Bob's wife). Marianne, Lindsay and James

Jessie, Lance, Laney, Dana, Clyde, Lark and Chad

Aimi Lark, Jake and Mali Su
Aren't those matching dresses adorable?

Caroline, Aimi Lark, Jake and Mali Su
I think I can safely say that Jake is the biggest guy in our family (and I don't mean fat). He is massive! I wouldn't want to get on his bad side. Good thing the Shillig kids are all so well tempered :).
That would be Uncle Chad trying to kill himself, and Uncle Clyde telling him how ;). Just kidding. Uncle Chad enjoyed his jaunt out on the bike and came back in one piece.

Off he goes! Be careful!

I love this picture!!! Aunt Lark and Aunt Dana. Aren't they beautiful?!

Carley was away at girl's camp when her Mom passed away. Her Dad came up and told her the night her Mom died, but she stayed at girl's camp and still had a good time. Vanessa, Melinda, Joelle, Carley, Marianne, Caroline, and I had a good time singing camp songs and hearing about the things that Carley got to do. My Dad was there but avoided singing songs like, "The Cutest Boy." Although he did admit it was entertaining to watch us.
Carley is sporting her belt she one for getting to know 150 new people and one thing about them at camp. That should tell you how outgoing this gal is. She is amazing!

Melinda Wiggins (Vanessa's sister) . It was so sweet of Melinda to come and help out. We all loved getting to know her. She fit right in with out family.

Brett, Laney and Jared
Christi, Marianne and Laney
I want you to notice the table behind us. It was never empty, and known as the computer table. There were rarely less than four laptops and people sitting here.

Jake, Christi and Marianne

Terry and Bob

Jared and Laney created a wonderful slide show of Lezlie through all her years. It didn't work at the funeral but we all got to sit around and watch it at home. It was a beautiful tribute to an amazing woman.
Okay, I will attempt to name everyone in this picture.
Back left: Windy (Clyde's siter), Nancy (Clyde's sister-in-law), Sarah (Brett's wife), Celestsial, Naomi and Joelle (Jason and Jennifer's girls)
Front left: Helen (Windy's daughter), Carley, Caroline and Aimi Lark, Brett, Jared, Vanessa and Laney

The cousins that were at the house after the funeral (Kurt, Lindsay and Jessie had already had to leave)
back from left: Jared, Marianne, Carley, Brett
front from left: Jake, Christi, Jason, Laney

The cousins with the spouses who came.
back from left: Jake, Brett, Jason and Jared
center from left: Caroline, Sarah, Jennifer and Vanessa
front from left: Laney, Christi, Marianne and Carley

The models j/k. Actually, when I first met them I kept mixing them up. They look so much alike!
Vanessa and Melinda

Melinda has a beautiful voice and plays the guitar very well. Chad broke out another guitar later, and I am hoping to get those pictures soon.
Jonny and Doug watching videos on Doug's laptop.
Mali Su very interested in a teddy-bear.
I loved this picture of Slade! Check out those adorable rolls! He will be one in November.

The Funeral was wonderful. A couple of Lezlie's friends (who Lezlie had asked to speak at her funeral before she died) apoke first. There were two classical songs played, the first on French Horn and the second on Piano. I don't remember the names, but the piano one was by Chopin, whom I love! Clyde spoke next and then all the kids spoke. That was where most of the waterworks started. Lezlie has certainly led a full life in her short 60 years. She has left behind a beautiful legacy of love and commitment to family, friends, and in what you believe. She will not be forgotten.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

In Memory of Aunt Lezlie

Our dear Aunt Lezlie passed away early Tuesday morning, July 22, 2008 after a long battle with breast cancer. We will miss her so much! Below is the obituary from the Porter's local news paper.

Lezlie Noel Porter

To the peace of God and Heaven we acknowledge the release of Lezlie Noel Porter. Born 1947 to Jeanette and H. Chad Turner, in Los Angeles, California. She attended college in Greece and Denmark, and then graduated from Whittier College.
Lezlie leaves a legacy of caring, commitment and courage lived passionately in service to God, family and community. Her ship and compass was her church, and her captain was the Savior, Jesus Christ. Committed to families and children, she is the mother of six and grandmother to eleven. She has served as a Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor, the Former Chair of the National Association of Child Development, Former President of the Nevada American Mothers, Cub Scout Den Mother, AYSO Soccer Coach, and numerous other personal contributions of time, talent, resources and love for child and family. She was chosen National Young Mother of the Year in 1984.
Lezlie has actively taught religion to children and adults throughout her life, even to her last days. She devotedly expanded her love for and commitment to education to her family and community as a Trustee for the Washoe County School District into a fourth term. She has lobbied for the cause of education locally and statewide with a primary commitment to the education of our community’s youth.
Traveling to foreign places, experiencing other cultures, meeting and learning from people the world over has been a highlight of Lezlie’s life. Her passport is evidence of this passion. Lezlie acted on every opportunity to both visit new places and share these experiences with her children and husband.
Drama and the arts were some of Lezlie’s passions. She had a flair for the stage and was a supporter of the arts locally. Believing in the power and beauty of music to enhance the human experience, Lezlie was a 14 year member of Washoe County Concert Association, now Reno Concerts, and its President for 8 years. Lezlie has worked tirelessly to bring the music and musicians of the world to her community.
Since 1999, in spite of health challenges of cancer, and numerous stresses and discomforts and indignities of therapies of all kinds, Lezlie maintained the same deep level of caring, commitment and courage. Without complaint, she heroically, moved forward every day in her usual exemplary fashion managing home and family and attending judiciously to her church, Reno Concerts and School Board as well as loving and being a genuine friend to the many who love her.
Lezlie is the wife of Clyde Porter, Mother of Jason (Jennifer) of McCall, Idaho, Jared (Vanessa) of Brooklyn, NY, Laney, Justin (deceased), Brett (Sarah) of Carson City, Carley, and grandmother of 11. Her family is her greatest pride, joy and accomplishment and each of her children is truly devoted to and appreciative of her as a mother and an example of all that can be good in human endeavor and behavior. Lezlie’s children are following her examples of living life fully and from their hearts with integrity and commitment.
Her example to all is one of truly caring for the important and essential things of life, God, family and freedom. She always gave her best and settled for no less from herself. Her family and friends mourn her loss, recognizing that she has given more than a lifetime in worthy effort and outcome. We have no doubt that in meeting the Savior His words to Lezlie will be, “well done, thou good and faithful servant”.
She asks that any gift in her honor be a donation to or a membership for you or your family with Reno Concerts. See: http://RenoConcerts.org, PO Box 12601, Reno, NV 89510.
Memorial Service 1:00 pm Saturday, July 26, 2008 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, corner of Rock Blvd and North McCarran Blvd, Sparks, Nevada.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Huntington Beach, CA

Here is an idea. It is located near the beach and Disneyland so we can do either or both. I am only planning on having evening dinners and games, so days will be mostly up to you. Although we will set specific days for everyone to go to Disneyland and/or any other theme parks so that those who want to go can at least go together. Same with the Beach. All the resorts are around $300/night. Comfort Suites came out to $99/night for two adults, two children, one king, one pull out sofa bed for four nights. For dates I just put July 14th-18th of this year since no one has there rates or schedule for next year. Of course I could call....

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Congrats to Nate and Cloe!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Nathan and Cloe Neville welcomed a new arrival on April 10th, 2008 Griffin James Neville. He joins his brother Erik Raven who will be 2 on November 10th. Everyone is doing fabulous!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Where, oh where?

So, I am still looking at different and exciting places to go for our fabulous family reunion. Here are a couple more ideas: Lake Tahoe (Nevada/California), Las Vegas, NV, or we could have another CA beach vacation. I am just trying to be economical. I think a beach vacation might be too expensive, while Vegas would permit plenty to do, I'm not sure how easy it would be to find a central gathering place. Lake Tahoe might be perfect, but is it too far to travel for some?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Zion Ponderosa Ranch

Okay, so I don't know what my deal is with the private cabins, but I seem to be drawn to resorts with them. There are not rates listed on the website, but I am waiting for a call back from the group reservations person. The cabins all have private bedrooms and baths, so I think it would satisfy those who want their own rooms as well as those who wouldn't mind sharing a cabin.

I have also had a couple of people say they would rather go to southern Utah, and no one else has said whether they car either way. So if you care, let me know!!! I am concentrating my look in Southern Utah right now.