Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Your Mission...

Your mission should you choose to accept it...
Join us for some fun in the sun during our Family Reunion!
Who: Anyone who is related to the Neville's or Turner's or wishes they were!
What: The greatest ever family reunion!
Where: McCall, Idaho Home to the Jason and Jennifer Porter Family
When: Wednesday evening, July 29th, 2009- Saturday Afternoon August 1st, 2009
Everyone is welcome to come sooner or stay later, but this is when the coordinated family
activities will take place.
Why: Becomes we want to, gosh darnit.

Websites to find more info and accommodations in McCall, Idaho:



I'll inform Jake. I just mapquested it and it is 8hrs from provo for anyone who is curious :)

geekbearinggifts said...

Thanks, Christi! I put it on our calendar, and hope we'll be able to make it.

(Bob &) Margaret